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Select Your Classes

  • Using the Program of Study for your intended major (which has links to a Four Year Guide and the General Education requirements), make a list of the classes you want to register for. You may also want to check out the minors list here. If you cannot find your program on the above site, check here.
  • It is very important to select the correct year for your Program of Study. It should reflect your catalog year (the year you started your career at ASU). 
  • It is also important to officially Select your Gen Ed Themes. Selecting your themes will make your overview in Degree Works clearer.  If you select classes in different themes at any time, be sure to go back and change your theme selection.
  • Have several alternate classes in case those you want are full or have time conflicts with other ones. You may want to use the following chart for assistance in recording the classes.


CRNAcademic DeptCourse NumberSection NumberCRN for Alternate Section

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The Appalachian State University Undergraduate Bulletin is an online document. It is arranged in sections and by College.  You can upload the entire Bulletin or upload a section. For example, if you want to know about the Drop Policy, you could upload “Academic Regulations” and then either read or search for the topic. To search, just do CTRL F and type in “drop.”   This will give you several options that you can look at.

It is very important that you explore this document and learn how to use it.

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Not all Course Prefixes (the letters that precede the course number) are obvious. (UCO - "First Year Seminar" - as an example) Check the list of course prefixes so you can find the correct course.

Be sure to pay very careful attention to both the prefix and the course number. ENG 2050 is not the same as ENG 2010.

 *Make a note of building abbreviations when planning your schedule.  Use the interactive campus map to see where buildings are located.  You can get to most classes in 10-15 minutes.

There are several ways to look up classes. Be sure to select the correct term!

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Keep a weekly planner (PDF) handy so you can see what your schedule will look like. (You will probably want to do it in pencil - changes will almost certainly be needed.)

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Register for Classes

Students who have REQUIRED advising are assigned a 6-digit ALT PIN number by the Registrar's Office at the mid-point of each semester.  ALT stands for Alternate; PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. This PIN number is different from your Banner ID.  Students with required advising must enter their PIN number in AppalNet in order to access the registration system. 

In order to get your PIN number, you must meet with your assigned academic advisor (see Who is My Advisor?). If your major has required secondary advising, you must ALSO meet with your academic department before you can receive your PIN number (see Required Secondary Advising). Once you have completed required advising, you can find your PIN number in the Notes section at the bottom of your DegreeWorks.

You can see if you have required advising by going to the Check Your Registration Status screen in AppalNet (Student tab>Registration link>Check Your Registration Status). This is also where you can see if you have any registration holds that will prevent you from registering until you get them resolved. Be sure to scroll down to see all the information on this page. 

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The Registrar's Office has provided a registration tutorial. This resource has screencaps of the actual system and tips to help you. You can also look at the tutorial for assistance before and during Registration. You may want to have two browser windows (or tabs) open so you can have the tutorial in one page and your Appalnet Registration page in another. That way you can easily see what you need to do at each step.

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Last-half of term course offerings are limited (mostly Physical Education and University Studies courses), but they can be a good option if you need to add an extra hour or two to your schedule. These can be added along with full-term and first-half of term classes during the traditional early registration periods in November and April, but last-half of term classes can be added up until the day after these classes start (around the eighth week of the semester). 

To search and register for last half of term classes, follow the instructions below.

  1. You can find what classes are out there by searching the course schedule or by using the ‘Look-Up Classes to Add” link in AppalNet Self Service (Student tab, Registration menu). 

  2. If using AppalNet, click “Advanced Search.”

  3. In the “Subject” box at the top, click on the first subject to highlight it. Then scroll to the bottom of the subject list and hold down the shift key while clicking on the last subject area. This will highlight ALL subjects. Select ALL Subjects snip

  4. In the “Part of Term” box, scroll to find the "Last Half of Term" attribute. Click on it to highlight it.

  5. Then click the “Class Search” button at the bottom

  6. Once the list of options is populated, you can view when the class begins and ends in the “Date” column, along all other attributes for the class, including seats and whether it is open for you to register. 

For more help on how to register for classes, review the Registration Tutorial, or return to the Registration Help page for other resources. 

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When you register for classes, it is not uncommon to get "error" messages. The solutions are usually simple, but here is a list of the most common and how to fix them.

Common Registration Errors

  • Prerequisite and Test Score error -- you are attempting to register for a class section that has a prerequisite or test score. Sometimes this is because the course requires that you register for both the lecture and the lab sections at the same time (same transaction). Please note, when registering for lecture and lab classes, if you receive a time conflict for one class, you will get a prerequisite error for the other because the two classes are prerequisites of one another.
  • You may also get a "Prerequisite and Test Score" error if you are trying to register for a class that is restricted to a certain group of students -- for example, honors students or students in specific learning community. Usually these sections have a note listed right below the section with information about this requirement.
  • Campus Restriction –- you are attempting to register for a class section that is restricted to a specific student campus. This is most often seen when Main Campus (MC) students try to register for a class restricted to an off-campus (EX) cohort.
  • Class Restriction –- you are attempting to register for a class section that is restricted to a certain class, such as Juniors or Seniors.
  • Time conflict with CRN 12345 –- you are attempting to register for a class section that meets at the same time (or overlaps) with the CRN listed.
  • College Restriction -- you are attempting to register for a class section that is restricted to students in a specific college.
  • Instructor Permission Req or Dept Chair Permission Required or Dean Permission Required -- you are attempting to register for a class section that requires a permit for the appropriate permission (i.e., Instructor, Department Chair or Dean).
  • Closed Section -- you are attempting to register for a class section that does not have any available seats.
  • Duplicate Course with Section 12345 –- you are attempting to register for a class section that you are already registered for.
  • Field of Study Restriction – Major -- you are attempting to register for a class section that is restricted to students in a specific major.
  • Maximum hours exceeded –- you are attempting to register for a class which will bring your enrolled hours over the maximum. For undergraduate students in a Fall or Spring term, the maximum allowable hours is 18 hours. If you need to take more than the maximum hours, you should contact your Dean's Office.
  • Program Restriction -- you are attempting to register for a class section that is restricted to students in a specific program (major).
  • Linked course required (Lecture) or Linked course required (Lab) -- you are attempting to register for a class section that has a linked lecture or lab. You must register for both lecture and lab at the same time (in the same transaction).
  • Corequisite ART 1001 (CRN 12345) required -- you are attempting to register for a class section that has a co-requisite. You must register for both classes at the same time (in the same transaction).

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It can be frustrating to find that a course that you really want or need is closed. Do not despair or give up! Patience and persistence are key. Follow these tips to create a complete schedule. 

  • Keep watching the AppalNet registration system for any openings.
  • The Schedule Adjustment period is from the end of Early Registration through the end of Drop/Add week. During this time, you have the opportunity to log back into Banner to drop and add classes. 
  • Choose a different section of the desired class if possible.
  • Check your major program of study and the Gen Ed checksheet to see if there are other classes you can take.  You can also review your DegreeWorks.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist if one is available for the course. See more information about how waitlisting works.  If you are on a waitlist, be sure to check your ASU email daily so you don't miss an opportunity to add the class.  You should also have some alternate classes in place in case you do not get into the waitlisted class.
  • For General Education courses, if you have not started a particular Integrative Learning Experience theme, you may want to change your theme. As long as a particular theme is not required for your major, and you don't need to have it to fulfill one of the Designations, this will probably be fine.  Just keep the designations in mind and check with your advisor.
  • Speak with the Instructor or Department Chair during the first week of classes (Drop/Add) and see if you can get a permit for the class. Once the permit has been added to the system, you will still need to register for the class (be sure you know the specific section and CRN number when you ask for the permit).
  • Sit in on the class you want on the first day of class Iit's polite to ask the instructor for permission first) and see if the instructor will then give you a permit to add the class. Don't forget that you still need to register for the class. 
  • If you are trying to register for Chemistry, use the Chemistry Search Tool in AppalNet and fill out the Permit Request form on the Chemistry Department website

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The following information is primarily for University College students (students who have not officially declared their majors) but may also be helpful for declared students.  

Look up your planned/recommended classes to see if online sections are available. 

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Some classes may have the possibility to get on a waitlist even though the class is full. Check the Registration Waitlist page for more detailed information. Also, watch the How To: Waitlist a Class video on this page.

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Science Theme Guidance

Biology in Society theme for General Education

  • BIO 1201 (3 credit hour lecture)
  • BIO 1202 (3 credit hour lecture)
  • BIO 1203 (2 credit hour lab)
    • You can take either BIO 1201 or BIO 1202 first
    • The lab should be taken WITH one of the lectures (for a total of 5 credit hours)

NOTE: The 1 hour BIO 1204 and 1205 labs are ONLY for students with TRANSFER credit for BIO 1201 and 1202, respectively.

Biological Concepts I and II for Natural Science and Pre-Health Professional Majors

  • BIO 1801 (4 credit hour lecture and lab combo)
  • BIO 1802 (4 credit hour lecture and lab combo)

Many degrees require both courses; some degrees require one or the other. Check your Program of Study in the Undergraduate Bulletin - be sure to look at the Bulletin for YOUR catalog year.

AP Credit Policy

View current AP Credit Policy

  • Score of 3 = BIO 1201/1202/1203
  • Score of 4 or 5 = BIO 1201/1202/1203 OR BIO 1801/1802

NOTE: Some medical/professional schools won't accept AP credit to meet prerequisites. Look at the Health Professions Advising website for program-specific information.

Changes Effective Fall 2024

Beginning Fall 2024 term, Physics & Astronomy introductory courses will separate the lectures and the labs into two distinct courses. 

Students completing the courses will now be able to repeat only one portion of the course should a repeat be necessary.

Understanding the Changes

Use the Physics & Astronomy Crosswalk to determine what has changed and to see the new course numbers.

Course Permits & Prerequisite Information

Looking for a waitlist form or need a special permit for a course? Do you meet the math requirement? Learn more about these issues and other common questions.

DegreeWorks Issue

For some students on catalog years 2023-2024 and prior, DegreeWorks has presented some challenges for older catalog years as a change to move one required class to two required classes does not work well retroactively. For this reason, an "or" statement is visible instead of an "and" statement. We understand the confusion this presents. Our DegreeWorks team is exploring any and every option to update this for a clearer understanding.

Course Repeats

If you took a PHY or AST course prior to Fall 2024 and you need to repeat it, you will need to register for both the lecture and lab. See this crosswalk.

How to Register for Chemistry

Introductory Chemistry: CHE 1101/1110 and 1102/1120

Chemistry 1101 and 1102 have a Math Requirement.

You must meet the math prerequisite OR register for a corequisite math class (MAT 1020 or higher) BEFORE registering for CHE 1101/1110 or 1102/1120. 

To meet the math prerequisite, App State must have one of the following on your record:


You can register for CHE 1101/1110 or 1102/1120 with a math corequisite:

  • First, register for MAT 1020 or higher (check your Program of Study to determine the correct math course)
  • Then, register for Chemistry. 

NOTE: Being on a waitlist for MAT 1020 or higher will NOT allow you to register for CHE 1101/1110 or 1102/1120; you will have to be registered for MAT 1020 or higher BEFORE adding CHE 1101 or 1102 to your schedule.

Chemistry for Life: CHE 1051/1053 and 1052/1054

CHE 1051 and 1052 only require Demonstrated Readiness for College Level Math. 

To meet this minimum requirement, App State must have one of the following on your record:

Chemistry Registration Tips

If you meet the math requirement, have followed the tips above, and still can't register yourself for Chemistry:

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