Registering for Last Half of Term Classes

Last-half of term course offerings are limited (mostly Physical Education and University Studies courses), but they can be a good option if you need to add an extra hour or two to your schedule. These can be added along with full-term and first-half of term classes during the traditional early registration periods in November and April, but last-half of term classes can be added up until the day after these classes start (around the eighth week of the semester). 

To search and register for last half of term classes, follow the instructions below.

  1. You can find what classes are out there by searching the course schedule or by using the ‘Look-Up Classes to Add” link in AppalNet Self Service (Student tab, Registration menu). 

  2. If using AppalNet, click “Advanced Search.”

  3. In the “Subject” box at the top, click on the first subject to highlight it. Then scroll to the bottom of the subject list and hold down the shift key while clicking on the last subject area. This will highlight ALL subjects. Select ALL Subjects snip

  4. In the “Part of Term” box, scroll to find the "Last Half of Term" attribute. Click on it to highlight it.

  5. Then click the “Class Search” button at the bottom

  6. Once the list of options is populated, you can view when the class begins and ends in the “Date” column, along all other attributes for the class, including seats and whether it is open for you to register. 

For more help on how to register for classes, review the Registration Tutorial, or return to the Registration Help page for other resources. 

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