Required Science Advising for GES, CFS, & PHY Majors

Required Science Advising for GES, CFS, & PHY Majors

The following departments have Required Science Advising for their intended majors: Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences (CFS), Geological & Environmental Sciences (GES), and Physics & Astronomy (P&A). Required Science Advising allows you to build connections with faculty in your department and ensure that you are on track with your major coursework.

Once you have completed your Required Science Advising AND your UC Required Advising, you can find your PIN for registration in the Notes section at the bottom of your DegreeWorks worksheet.  IF you don't see it in the DegreeWorks notes, call UC Academic Advising at 828-262-2167 (M-F, 8 am - 5 pm).

How to Sign Up for Required Science Advising


EMAIL to request an appointment with a CFS faculty advisor. Include the following information: Name, Banner ID, App State email address, Intended Major.

Once the CFS Dept. receives your e-mail (with the correct information), they will assign you to the appropriate advisor (CHE or FER). Contact that advisor to make arrangements to complete the science advising. AFTER the science advising has been completed, the CFS advisor will add a note in DegreeWorks.

If you do not meet the Introductory Chemistry prerequisites (SAT MAT 550 or higher, ACT MAT 22 or higher, or credit for MAT 1020 or higher), you may take the online, timed Chemistry Placement Exam. Once you have finished this exam, your results will be automatically uploaded into Banner.


First, meet with your University College advisor to work out a Spring 2023 schedule based on the four-year guide for your intended major. Your UC Advisor can be found at the top of DegreeWorks.

Then, using the Google Calendar links below, sign up for a secondary advising appointment with one of the following GES advisors, based on your major. When you click the link to the google appointment calendar, it will open up to today's date. Use the scroll arrows along the top bar to go forward and find appointments for future dates.

  • GLY majors, sign up with Dr. Liutkus-Pierce here
  • ENV majors sign up with Dr. Bob Swarthout here
  • Non-transfer ENV majors, sign up with Dr. Lauren Waterworth here
  • Undecided or thinking of switching majors? Sign up with Dr. Liutkus-Pierce here

After you have met with your GES secondary advisor, GES will notify your UC Advisor and they will release your registration PIN to you by putting it in the notes in DegreeWorks.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Dr. L (


Intended Physics and Pre-Engineering majors should sign up ASAP for a required science advising appointment for Spring 2023 using one of the links below. If all of the advising appointments are full, email Dr. Brooke Hester ( and ask her to open up more advising appointment slots.