Required Science Advising for CFS, GES & PHY Majors

Required Science Advising for CFS & PHY Majors

The following departments have Required Science Advising for their intended majors: Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences (CFS) and Physics & Astronomy (PHY). Required Science Advising allows you to build connections with faculty in your department and ensure that you are on track with your major coursework. Watch your App State email for a reminder from about how to complete Required Science Advising. 

Once you have completed your Required Science Advising AND your UC Required Advising, you can find your PIN for registration in the Notes section at the bottom of your DegreeWorks worksheet.  IF you don't see it in the DegreeWorks notes within 48 hours or your registration time is imminent, contact UC Academic Advising at or 828-262-2167 (M-F, 8 am - 5 pm).

How to Complete Required Science Advising


Complete this Google Form to request an appointment with a CFS faculty advisor. You'll need to provide the following information: Name, Banner ID, App State email address, and Specific Intended Major as listed in DegreeWorks. The CFS Dept. will assign you a Science Advisor. YOU will need to contact that Science Advisor directly to make arrangements to complete your Science Advising. If you do not hear from the CFS Department within 3 business days of submitting your Google form, you can email AFTER the Science Advising has been completed, the CFS advisor will add a note in DegreeWorks.


GES is NOT doing Required Science Advising during Spring 2024. 

Intended GES majors who need to take GES 2750/2751/2752 in the fall should watch for an email from a GES faculty advisor explaining how to make an appointment. During this appointment, the GES faculty advisor who will help you get the permits they need to get into these classes. 


The Physics & Astronomy Department will be doing science advising for physics and pre-engineering majors by email. They will send an email to all intended physics and pre-engineering majors in March. Please see that email for instructions on completing your science advising. Questions? Contact Dr. Brooke Hester,