ALTernate PIN Numbers

Students who have REQUIRED advising are assigned a 6-digit ALT PIN number by the Registrar's Office at the mid-point of each semester.  ALT stands for Alternate; PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. This PIN number is different from your Banner ID.  Students with required advising must enter their PIN number in AppalNet in order to access the registration system. 

In order to get your PIN number, you must meet with your assigned academic advisor (see Who is My Advisor?). If your major has required secondary advising, you must ALSO meet with your academic department before you can receive your PIN number (see Required Secondary Advising). Once you have completed required advising, you can find your PIN number in the Notes section at the bottom of your DegreeWorks.

You can see if you have required advising by going to the Check Your Registration Status screen in AppalNet (Student tab>Registration link>Check Your Registration Status). This is also where you can see if you have any registration holds that will prevent you from registering until you get them resolved. Be sure to scroll down to see all the information on this page. 

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