What To Do When Classes Are Closed

It can be frustrating to find that a course that you really want or need is closed. Do not despair or give up. Follow these tips to create a complete schedule. Just be patient!

  • Keep watching the AppalNet registration system for any openings!
  • Watch during Schedule Adjustment. Everyone has the opportunity at that time to get back into the system to drop and add classes. (To know when the system is open, check the Registrar's Office.)
  • Choose a different section if possible.
  • Check your major and Gen Ed checksheets to see if there are other classes you can take.  You can also use DegreeWorks.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist if available for that course. See more information about how waitlisting works.  If you are on a waitlist, be sure to check your ASU email daily so you don't miss an opportunity to add the class.  You should also have some reserve classes in place in case you do not get into the class.
  • For General Education courses, if you have not started a particular Integrative Learning Experience theme, you may want to change your theme. As long as a particular theme is not required for your major, and you don't have to have it to fulfill one of the Designations, this will probably be fine.  Just keep the designations in mind!
  • Speak with the Instructor or Department Chair during the first week of classes (Drop/Add) and see if you can get a permit for the class. Once the permit is in the system, you will still need to register for the class (be sure you know the specific section and CRN number when you ask for the permit).
  • Sit in on the class you want on the first day of that class and see if the instructor will then give you a permit to add the class. Don't forget that you still need to register for the class. (It is polite to ask the professor before the class meets.)
  • If you are trying to register for Chemistry or any course that has reserved seating, fill out the Permit Request form on the Chemistry Department website