Probation & Suspension

A student is placed on academic probation when their overall grade point average (GPA) falls below a 2.0. Students are allowed two semesters to raise their overall GPA to a 2.0 or higher. After the second semester of probation, if the student has still not achieved a 2.0 overall GPA, they will be academically suspended. The exception to this progression is when a student earns a 0.0 GPA (all Fs) in their first semester (fall or spring) at ASU. In this situation, the student is suspended without a probationary period.

If you are placed on academic probation, please contact your advisor to discuss options and strategies for returning to good academic standing.  You will also be required to participate in an Academic Resilience Program, including an Academic Success Workshop.  You can find more information about these requirements on the Student Learning Center's webpage for Students on Probation

Suspended students should contact their academic advisor to discuss options for returning to Appalachian, including taking summer classes at Appalachian and returning under a forgiveness policy.

For detailed information about Appalachian's academic probation, suspension, and forgiveness policies, see the Registrar's Academic Probation and Suspension webpage. This page also lists the options available to students who do not meet academic standards.

Here are links to additional policies that may be helpful: