Probation & Suspension

A student is placed on “academic probation” when they fall below the minimum required overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 (exception is the all Fs policy found below). This probation opportunity allows students to prove they are serious about their education at ASU. It gives them 2 semesters to bring their overall GPA up to the minimum of a 2.00. 

A student will be suspended if they earn ALL Fs in their first semester at ASU or have attempted 2 semesters of probation and not successfully reached the minimum 2.00 GPA. 

If you are placed on either academic probation or suspension, please contact your advisor to discuss your options and strategies for bettering your academic standing.  You will also be required to attend an Academic Success Workshop.  You can find more information about those from the Office of Student Success

If after 2 semesters of academic probation a student is still unsuccessful, ASU will suspend the student. If you are placed on academic suspension, there are options for you to return to Appalachian. Consult your advisor for more information.

Also refer to the forgiveness policy for more information.

Here are some tips on how to get off academic probation.

Here are some additional policies you may want to be aware of: