Make a List of Classes

  • Using the Program of Study for your intended major (which has links to a Four Year Guide and the General Education requirements), make a list of the classes you want to register for. You may also want to check out the minors list here. If you cannot find your program on the above site, check here.
  • It is very important to select the correct year for your Program of Study. It should reflect your catalog year (the year you started your career at ASU). 
  • It is also important to officially Select your Gen Ed Themes. Selecting your themes will make your overview in Degree Works clearer.  If you select classes in different themes at any time, be sure to go back and change your theme selection.
  • Have several alternate classes in case those you want are full or have time conflicts with other ones. You may want to use the following chart for assistance in recording the classes.


CRNAcademic DeptCourse NumberSection NumberCRN for Alternate Section

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