Biology Registration

Biology in Society theme for General Education

  • BIO 1201 (3 credit hour lecture)
  • BIO 1202 (3 credit hour lecture)
  • BIO 1203 (2 credit hour lab)
    • You can take either BIO 1201 or BIO 1202 first
    • The lab should be taken WITH one of the lectures (for a total of 5 credit hours)

NOTE: The 1 hour BIO 1204 and 1205 labs are ONLY for students with TRANSFER credit for BIO 1201 and 1202, respectively.

Biological Concepts I and II for Natural Science and Pre-Health Professional Majors

  • BIO 1801 (4 credit hour lecture and lab combo)
  • BIO 1802 (4 credit hour lecture and lab combo)

Many degrees require both courses; some degrees require one or the other. Check your Program of Study in the Undergraduate Bulletin - be sure to look at the Bulletin for YOUR catalog year.

AP Credit Policy

View current AP Credit Policy

  • Score of 3 = BIO 1201/1202/1203
  • Score of 4 or 5 = BIO 1201/1202/1203 OR BIO 1801/1802

NOTE: Some medical/professional schools won't accept AP credit to meet prerequisites. Look at the Health Professions Advising website for program-specific information.