Taking Classes Away From Appalachian

How do I take classes at another institution?

Taking classes at another college or university in the United States is called “Visiting Coursework." Before you take classes at another institution, either during a regular semester or summer semester, make sure you visit the Office of Transfer services website for the correct process. Be sure to follow all the steps before you take the class at another institution. Classes taken at another institution that are not pre-approved by OTS may not be transferred back to Appalachian as what you expected or at all.

Caution! Remember the last 30 hours of your ASU degree must be taken at ASU (or its approved study abroad exchange programs). A minimum or 18 hours of your major and 9 hours of your minor must be taken at Appalachian over your course of study at ASU. It is also critical to note that since grades do not transfer, you cannot repeat classes at another institution to replace the grade at Appalachian.