How Do I Prepare For My Advising Appointment?

Preparing for your advising appointment makes the time you spend with your advisor much more productive.  Your advisor may ask you to do some specific things but here are some tips to be prepared for the appointment.

  • Review General Education.  You can do this on the ERA site (if available) or review the Advising Planner that you were given at Orientation.  You may also want to look at the General Education 2.0 Interactive Model (scroll down to the bottom of the webpage).
  • Select your themes after you have reviewed General Education.  This makes your DegreeWorks page much easier to use.
    • Log on to AppalNet
    • Click on the Self-Service tab
    • Click on the Student tab
    • Click on the link to select your General Education themes
    • Be sure to select something for each box and click "Submit"
    • Your themes will show on your DegreeWorks page the next day.
  • Review your program of study and DegreeWorks.
  • You may also want to look at the Four Year Guide for your major.
  • Look at the website for the department you are interested in.  
  • Put together a list of 5-7 classes that you plan on taking next semester.