How Do I Make An Appointment?

Please read the whole page so you can avoid any problems in making the appointment.

If you are a University College, undeclared, currently enrolled student:

Coronavirus Reminder: University College Academic Advising will provide academic advising by Zoom during Fall 2020. To schedule an appointment with your advisor, follow the instructions below.

  1.  Please go through AppalNet to schedule an appointment with your University College advisor. 
  2. Go to AppalNet and before logging in, click on the link to Schedule an Advising Appointment (pictured). 
  3. When you get to the AdvisorTrac login screen, type in your ASU Username (your email without the and your normal ASU password.  
  4. If you have problems logging into AdvisorTrac or scheduling an appointment, please call 828-262-2167 for help.
  5. You will receive an email reminder about your appointment.  Plan to be available during your scheduled time, and watch your App State email account for any further notifications from your advisor.
  6. In your confirmation email, you will receive directions on how to start your Zoom advising appointment. Watch the video if you can't locate that email or would prefer visual directions.

Schedule an Advising Appointment link under Resources for Current Students in AppalNet

If you have declared your major

Please contact your academic department or College, as each department/College schedules advising appointments differently.

If you are a prospective student

You cannot schedule an appointment online. We would like for you to use the available resources on this site to find the information you need. If you still have questions, please contact us to let us know how we can help you.  

If you are unable to meet for your appointment

Please log into AdvisorTrac again to re-schedule or call 828-262-2167.  This will let your advisor know you are not able to keep your appointment.