Registration Tips

At times, it may seem like there are no classes with open seats. While there may be fewer seats now than there were when registration first opened, it is still possible to build a full-time schedule. Here are some strategies to try and other helpful information:

Review PREP, especially the How To videos, the video on General Education, and the videos on adding and dropping courses. The Mountaineer Advising Planner also explains the Gen Ed curriculum (see the Degree Requirements section), so review that as well. 

***Step by step visual on how to Add Classes to your schedule.  ***

Available Seats.  BOONE CAMPUS students: Use this color-coded 2-page General Education checksheet  to see which classes have open seats. ALL STUDENTS: Use this section of the Undergraduate Bulletin to look up Gen Ed course descriptions and use this list of Course Prefixes/Subjects. NOTE: UC Advising is continually advocating for seats or sections to be added to many courses, so please get in the habit of checking the class schedule several times a day.  Students also make adjustments to their schedule frequently, so seats become available when that happens, too. 

Waitlisting ClassesOften a student must be DILIGENT about getting into a certain course. If waitlisting is an option and the student chooses a waitlist that has fewer students than others, they will have a better chance of getting in.  Even with high demand classes, if students keep checking the Reg system for seats, get on a waitlist (WL) when available, and keep in contact with their advisors, they can usually get into priority courses by the first week of classes. For various reasons (AP scores, schedules getting dropped for nonpayment, etc.), seats shift around during the month of July and into August, so check the class schedule for openings and your App State email for notifications.

Schedule Adjustment Period: If a student wants a certain course that is closed, it may take patience and persistence to get into that course. Students have all summer through the 5th day of class to make schedule changes.  Of course, we recommend that students schedules are set by the first day of class, but in certain cases it may take a few days longer. The last day to add a class for Fall 2021 is Friday, August 26th.

AP/IB credit. If you took AP or IB exams, you may have earned college credit. Review our AP and IB credit policies and send a pdf of your official score report to  

RC 1000 and UCO 1200 are FIRST YEAR courses, not first semester courses. One or both of these classes can usually be taken in the spring semester without impacting progress toward graduation. The Rhetoric and Composition Program manages their teaching loads so that they can hire faculty to teach both semesters. Therefore, they plan so there are enough sections/seats in RC 1000 for a little more than half of the incoming class to take it in fall and half in spring. The same is true for UCO 1200 but we have a few more sections in fall.

Share information with your academic advisor. If you are still undecided on your major, it's helpful to let your advisor know what majors you are considering so they can direct you to appropriate courses.  Also, let them to know if you may be transferring in credit from AP, IB or dual enrollment courses. Finally, if you are considering a health professions (medicine, PA, PT, OT, etc.) let your advisor know this as well because it affects the math and science courses you need to take. (Please review Appalachian's Health Professions Advising website.)