Orientation and ERA (Early Registration Advising)

  • Go over the Advising Planner for more information on General Education and degree requirements.  You will receive a hard copy at Orientation, but it is a great idea to read through it before you come.
  • All entering students must attend an Orientation session. Be sure to watch your MyApp page and App State email for information on when and how to register for a session.
  • Before you come to Orientation you need to complete the Early Registration Advising Course (ERA). This “course” takes you through academic requirements and how to register. Once you have registered for an Orientation session and completed ERA, you will take a quiz. If you score a 70 or better, then you will receive an alternate PIN number via email that will allow you to register when the system is open for incoming students. 
  • Don’t hesitate to review sections of ERA. Our curriculum can be complicated and it is usually necessary to review sections in order to have a more complete understanding.
  • The benefit to doing this course and registering for classes before Orientation is that you are more sure of your academic choices and it also gives you the opportunity to discuss your choices with an Academic Advisor at Orientation. The more you do prior to Orientation, the more enjoyable that experience will be.
  • You may want to check out your DegreeWorks page once you are in the system.  
    • New transfer students are entered in DegreeWorks once they’re admitted
    • Other new students are entered in Degree Works once they pay their deposits
  • Check the DegreeWorks website for more informaiton.