It can be challenging to help students navigate the process of applying to and being ready for enrollment at Appalachian State University.

We would like for students to use the Prospective Student tab on this site to navigate the process and inform themselves when they are first considering coming to ASU.

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful and can refer students to.

  • The Office of Admissions: This is the starting point for all students.
  • The Office of Transfer Services: This office and their website are an invaluable resource for students bringing in any credit.
  • Jump Start Appalachian: This program is not open to all students, but the information on this site is wonderful, especially for Transfer students. (It is perhaps less helpful for entering freshmen with credit, including Early College.)
  • Orientation: All entering students must attend an Orientation session.
  • Early Registration Advising: All entering students must complete this mini “Course” and register for classes prior to attending Orientation.
  • Programs of Study: This searchable site gives information on all majors and minors at Appalachian.
  • Four Year Guides: These guides help students to understand the courses required and sequencing of classes for their intended degrees.
  • Scholarships: It is important for students to apply for scholarships prior to coming to ASU.

Please use the contact page to let us know about specific questions you may have.