Steps for Coming to Appalachian

  1. Start at the Admissions page.
  2. Once you have applied and been accepted, you need to follow all the steps to make your transition complete.  You can find more information here.
  3. After you have paid your deposit and registered for an Orientation session (on your MyApp page), you need to complete the Early Registration Advising course and take a quiz. This will allow you to register for classes prior to your Orientation date.
  4. Register for Classes: Registration can be confusing, so it is very important to take your time and repeat videos and print materials as needed so you fully understand what you need to register for and how to register. Being ready to register on the first day that the system opens for new students will optimize getting into the classes you need. It is very important that you register for at least 12 hours prior to coming to Orientation. Don't worry about making mistakes.  Do the best you can and your advisor will help you to make changes at Orientation.
  5. Complete the New Student Advising Google Form and then schedule an appointment with your advisor.
  6. Read through the online Advising Planner.  You will review some of this information at Orientation, but it is a good idea to read it in advance.  
  7. Attend Orientation.
  8. Follow up on classes and transcripts. Don’t forget to check your App State email every day!